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Les Misérables (2012)


An adaptation of the successful stage musical based on Victor Hugo's classic novel set in 19th-century France, in which a paroled prisoner named Jean Valjean seeks redemption.

Director: Tom Hooper
Writer: William Nicholson


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Les Misérables Review

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

Nicholas United States

Interesting movie ..Thank you very much

Dedrick Germany

Die Geschichte des Films ist sehr interessant, war ich in der glücklichen Lage, es zu sehen sein.

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Hugh Jackman - Les Misérables Hugh Jackman
as Jean Valjean
Russell Crowe - Les Misérables Russell Crowe
as Javert
Anne Hathaway - Les Misérables Anne Hathaway
as Fantine
Amanda Seyfried - Les Misérables Amanda Seyfried
as Cosette
Eddie Redmayne - Les Misérables Eddie Redmayne
as Marius Pontmercy
Helena Bonham Carter - Les Misérables Helena Bonham Carter
as Madame Thénardier
Sacha Baron Cohen - Les Misérables Sacha Baron Cohen
as Monsieur Thénardier
Aaron Tveit - Les Misérables Aaron Tveit
as Enjolras
Samantha Barks - Les Misérables Samantha Barks
as Éponine Thénardier
Daniel Huttlestone - Les Misérables Daniel Huttlestone
as Gavroche
Cavin Cornwall - Les Misérables Cavin Cornwall
as Convict 1
Josef Altin - Les Misérables Josef Altin
as Convict 2
David Hawley - Les Misérables David Hawley
as Convict 3
Adam Jones - Les Misérables Adam Jones
as Convict 4
John Barr - Les Misérables John Barr
as Convict 5
Tony Rohr - Les Misérables Tony Rohr
as Overseer
Richard Dixon - Les Misérables Richard Dixon
as Mairie Officer
Andy Beckwith - Les Misérables Andy Beckwith
as Innkeeper
Colm Wilkinson - Les Misérables Colm Wilkinson
as Bishop
Stephen Bent - Les Misérables Stephen Bent
as Jailer
Georgie Glen - Les Misérables Georgie Glen
as Madame Baptistine
Heather Chasen - Les Misérables Heather Chasen
as Madame Magloire
Paul Thornley - Les Misérables Paul Thornley
as Constable 1
Paul Howell - Les Misérables Paul Howell
as Constable 2
Stephen Tate - Les Misérables Stephen Tate
as Fauchelevent
Michael Jibson - Les Misérables Michael Jibson
as Foreman
Kate Fleetwood - Les Misérables Kate Fleetwood
as Factory Woman 1
Hannah Waddingham - Les Misérables Hannah Waddingham
as Factory Woman 2
Clare Foster - Les Misérables Clare Foster
as Factory Woman 3
Kirsty Hoiles - Les Misérables Kirsty Hoiles
as Factory Woman 4
Jenna Boyd - Les Misérables Jenna Boyd
as Factory Woman 5
Alice Fearn - Les Misérables Alice Fearn
as Factory Woman 6
Alison Tennant - Les Misérables Alison Tennant
as Factory Woman 7
Marilyn Cutts - Les Misérables Marilyn Cutts
as Factory Woman 8
Cathy Breeze - Les Misérables Cathy Breeze
as Factory Woman 9
John Albasiny - Les Misérables John Albasiny
as Factory Onlooker
Bertie Carvel - Les Misérables Bertie Carvel
as Bamatabois
Tim Downie - Les Misérables Tim Downie
as Brevet
Andrew Havill - Les Misérables Andrew Havill
as Cochepaille
Dick Ward - Les Misérables Dick Ward
as Bamatabois' Valet
Nicola Sloane - Les Misérables Nicola Sloane
as Hair Crone
Daniel Evans - Les Misérables Daniel Evans
as Pimp
David Stoller - Les Misérables David Stoller
as Sailor 1
Ross McCormack - Les Misérables Ross McCormack
as Sailor 2
Jaygann Ayeh - Les Misérables Jaygann Ayeh
as Sailor 3
Adrian Scarborough - Les Misérables Adrian Scarborough
as Toothman
Frances Ruffelle - Les Misérables Frances Ruffelle
as Whore 1
Lynne Wilmot - Les Misérables Lynne Wilmot
as Whore 2
Charlotte Spencer - Les Misérables Charlotte Spencer
as Whore 3
Julia Worsley - Les Misérables Julia Worsley
as Head Whore
Keith Dunphy - Les Misérables Keith Dunphy
as Client
Ashley Artus - Les Misérables Ashley Artus
as Pawn Broker
John Surman - Les Misérables John Surman
as Organ Grinder
David Cann - Les Misérables David Cann
as Magistrate
James Simmons - Les Misérables James Simmons
as Champmathieu
Polly Kemp - Les Misérables Polly Kemp
as Nursing Sister
Ian Pirie - Les Misérables Ian Pirie
as Babet
Adam Pearce - Les Misérables Adam Pearce
as Brujon
Julian Bleach - Les Misérables Julian Bleach
as Claquesous
Marc Pickering - Les Misérables Marc Pickering
as Montparnasse
Isabelle Allen - Les Misérables Isabelle Allen
as Young Cosette
Natalya Wallace - Les Misérables Natalya Wallace
as Young Éponine
Phil Snowden - Les Misérables Phil Snowden
as Customer 1
Hadrian Delacey - Les Misérables Hadrian Delacey
as Customer 2
Lottie Steer - Les Misérables Lottie Steer
as Baby
Sam Parks - Les Misérables Sam Parks
as Tall Customer
Mark Donovan - Les Misérables Mark Donovan
as Portly Customer
Lewis Kirk - Les Misérables Lewis Kirk
as Handsome Soldier 1
Leighton Rafferty - Les Misérables Leighton Rafferty
as Handsome Soldier 2
Peter Mair - Les Misérables Peter Mair
as Father Christmas 1
Jack Chissick - Les Misérables Jack Chissick
as Father Christmas 2
Dianne Pilkington - Les Misérables Dianne Pilkington
as Inn Whore 1
Robyn North - Les Misérables Robyn North
as Inn Whore 2
Norma Atallah - Les Misérables Norma Atallah
as Mother Whore
Patrick Godfrey - Les Misérables Patrick Godfrey
as Gillenormand
Mark Roper - Les Misérables Mark Roper
as Citizen
Paul Leonard - Les Misérables Paul Leonard
as Citizen
Miles Roughley - Les Misérables Miles Roughley
as Gavroche's Urchin
Cameron Strefford - Les Misérables Cameron Strefford
as Gavroche's Urchin
Alfie Davis - Les Misérables Alfie Davis
as Gavroche's Urchin
Joseph West - Les Misérables Joseph West
as Gavroche's Urchin
Joel Phillimore - Les Misérables Joel Phillimore
as Beggar 1
Jacqueline Dankworth - Les Misérables Jacqueline Dankworth
as Beggar 2
Amelia Jefford - Les Misérables Amelia Jefford
as Beggar 3
Chris Barnes - Les Misérables Chris Barnes
as Beggar 4
Richard Cordery - Les Misérables Richard Cordery
as Duc De Raguse
Killian Donnelly - Les Misérables Killian Donnelly
as Combeferre
Fra Fee - Les Misérables Fra Fee
as Courfeyrac
Gabriel Vick - Les Misérables Gabriel Vick
as Feuilly
George Blagden - Les Misérables George Blagden
as Grantaire
Hugh Skinner - Les Misérables Hugh Skinner
as Joly
Stuart Neal - Les Misérables Stuart Neal
as Lesgles
Alistair Brammer - Les Misérables Alistair Brammer
as Prouvaire
Iwan Lewis - Les Misérables Iwan Lewis
as Bahorel
Katy Secombe - Les Misérables Katy Secombe
as Madame Hucheloup
Hadley Fraser - Les Misérables Hadley Fraser
as Army Officer
Linzi Hateley - Les Misérables Linzi Hateley
as Turning Woman 1
Gemma Wardle - Les Misérables Gemma Wardle
as Turning Woman 2
Gina Beck - Les Misérables Gina Beck
as Turning Woman 3
Katie Hall - Les Misérables Katie Hall
as Turning Woman 4
Lisa Hull - Les Misérables Lisa Hull
as Turning Woman 5
Andrea Deck - Les Misérables Andrea Deck
as Turning Woman 6
Jessica Duncan - Les Misérables Jessica Duncan
as Turning Woman 7
Kerry Ingram - Les Misérables Kerry Ingram
as Turning Woman 8
John Warnaby - Les Misérables John Warnaby
as Majordomo
Mike Sarne - Les Misérables Mike Sarne
as Father Mabeuf
Freya Parks - Les Misérables Freya Parks
as Café Barmaid
Richard Bremmer - Les Misérables Richard Bremmer
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Alexander Brooks - Les Misérables Alexander Brooks
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Eleanor Bruce - Les Misérables Eleanor Bruce
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Emma Dukes - Les Misérables Emma Dukes
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Stephen Matthews - Les Misérables Stephen Matthews
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Peter Saracen - Les Misérables Peter Saracen
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Sebastian Sykes - Les Misérables Sebastian Sykes
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Phil Zimmerman - Les Misérables Phil Zimmerman
as Ensemble At The End of the Day
Bessie Carter - Les Misérables Bessie Carter
as Ensemble Factory Women
Helen Cotterill - Les Misérables Helen Cotterill
as Ensemble Factory Women
Tricia Deighton - Les Misérables Tricia Deighton
as Ensemble Factory Women
Mandy Holliday - Les Misérables Mandy Holliday
as Ensemble Factory Women
Charlotte Hope - Les Misérables Charlotte Hope
as Ensemble Factory Women
Jackie Marks - Les Misérables Jackie Marks
as Ensemble Factory Women
Sara Pelosi - Les Misérables Sara Pelosi
as Ensemble Factory Women
Mary Roscoe - Les Misérables Mary Roscoe
as Ensemble Factory Women
Amelia Scaramucci - Les Misérables Amelia Scaramucci
as Ensemble Factory Women
Caroline Sheen - Les Misérables Caroline Sheen
as Ensemble Factory Women
Rachael Archer - Les Misérables Rachael Archer
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Lorna Brown - Les Misérables Lorna Brown
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Antonia Clarke - Les Misérables Antonia Clarke
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Mary Cormack - Les Misérables Mary Cormack
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Sonya Cullingford - Les Misérables Sonya Cullingford
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Holly Dale Spencer - Les Misérables Holly Dale Spencer
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Amy Griffiths - Les Misérables Amy Griffiths
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Fania Grigoriou - Les Misérables Fania Grigoriou
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Amanda Henderson - Les Misérables Amanda Henderson
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Alexia Khadime - Les Misérables Alexia Khadime
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Luisa Lazzaro - Les Misérables Luisa Lazzaro
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Gemma O'Duffy - Les Misérables Gemma O'Duffy
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Rosa O'Reilly - Les Misérables Rosa O'Reilly
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Amy Ellen Richardson - Les Misérables Amy Ellen Richardson
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Olivia Rose-Aaron - Les Misérables Olivia Rose-Aaron
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Robyn Miranda Simpson - Les Misérables Robyn Miranda Simpson
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Rachel Stanley - Les Misérables Rachel Stanley
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies / Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Nancy Sullivan - Les Misérables Nancy Sullivan
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Rebecca Sutherland - Les Misérables Rebecca Sutherland
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Tabitha Webb - Les Misérables Tabitha Webb
as Ensemble Lovely Ladies
Gerard Bentall - Les Misérables Gerard Bentall
as Ensemble Master of the House
Tony Bignell - Les Misérables Tony Bignell
as Ensemble Master of the House
Michael Cahill - Les Misérables Michael Cahill
as Ensemble Master of the House
Richard Colson - Les Misérables Richard Colson
as Ensemble Master of the House
Kerry Ellis - Les Misérables Kerry Ellis
as Ensemble Master of the House
Simon Fisher-Becker - Les Misérables Simon Fisher-Becker
as Ensemble Master of the House
Sarah Flind - Les Misérables Sarah Flind
as Ensemble Master of the House
Kelly-Anne Gower - Les Misérables Kelly-Anne Gower
as Ensemble Master of the House
James Greene - Les Misérables James Greene
as Ensemble Master of the House
Nick Holder - Les Misérables Nick Holder
as Ensemble Master of the House
Chris Howell - Les Misérables Chris Howell
as Ensemble Master of the House
Alison Jiear - Les Misérables Alison Jiear
as Ensemble Master of the House
Terence Keely - Les Misérables Terence Keely
as Ensemble Master of the House
Martin Marquez - Les Misérables Martin Marquez
as Ensemble Master of the House
Sally Mates - Les Misérables Sally Mates
as Ensemble Master of the House
Jeff Nicholson - Les Misérables Jeff Nicholson
as Ensemble Master of the House
Adam Searles - Les Misérables Adam Searles
as Ensemble Master of the House
Simon Shorten - Les Misérables Simon Shorten
as Ensemble Master of the House
Juliet Alderdice - Les Misérables Juliet Alderdice
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Sean Buckley - Les Misérables Sean Buckley
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Valerie Cutko - Les Misérables Valerie Cutko
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Spike Grimsey - Les Misérables Spike Grimsey
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Matt Harrop - Les Misérables Matt Harrop
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Georgina Jackson - Les Misérables Georgina Jackson
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Perry Millward - Les Misérables Perry Millward
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Phil Philmar - Les Misérables Phil Philmar
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Joyce Springer - Les Misérables Joyce Springer
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Julie Stark - Les Misérables Julie Stark
as Ensemble Paris Beggars
Dominic Applewhite - Les Misérables Dominic Applewhite
as Ensemble Students
Matthew Corner - Les Misérables Matthew Corner
as Ensemble Students
Andy Coxon - Les Misérables Andy Coxon
as Ensemble Students
Jonathan Dudley - Les Misérables Jonathan Dudley
as Ensemble Students
Rhidian Marc - Les Misérables Rhidian Marc
as Ensemble Students
Chris Milford - Les Misérables Chris Milford
as Ensemble Students
Jamie Muscato - Les Misérables Jamie Muscato
as Ensemble Students
Joseph Peters - Les Misérables Joseph Peters
as Ensemble Students
David Roberts - Les Misérables David Roberts
as Ensemble Students
Stevee Davies - Les Misérables Stevee Davies
as Ensemble Students
Jonny Purchase - Les Misérables Jonny Purchase
as Ensemble Students
Matt Seadon Young - Les Misérables Matt Seadon Young
as Ensemble Students
Jos Slovick - Les Misérables Jos Slovick
as Ensemble Students
Samuel J. Weir - Les Misérables Samuel J. Weir
as Ensemble Students
Sophie Huchinson - Les Misérables Sophie Huchinson
as Ensemble Turning Women
Ella Hunt - Les Misérables Ella Hunt
as Ensemble Turning Women
Claire Machin - Les Misérables Claire Machin
as Ensemble Turning Women
Brenda Moore - Les Misérables Brenda Moore
as Ensemble Turning Women
Mischa Purnell - Les Misérables Mischa Purnell
as Ensemble Turning Women
Annette Yeo - Les Misérables Annette Yeo
as Ensemble Turning Women
Josephine Darvill-Mills - Les Misérables Josephine Darvill-Mills
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Jennifer Essex - Les Misérables Jennifer Essex
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Vicky Evans - Les Misérables Vicky Evans
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Edward Lewis French - Les Misérables Edward Lewis French
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Nigel Garton - Les Misérables Nigel Garton
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Lynn Jezzard - Les Misérables Lynn Jezzard
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Nicholas Keegan - Les Misérables Nicholas Keegan
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Steve Kirkham - Les Misérables Steve Kirkham
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Vanessa Lee Hicks - Les Misérables Vanessa Lee Hicks
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Ian Parsons - Les Misérables Ian Parsons
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Gemma Payne - Les Misérables Gemma Payne
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Clinten Pearce - Les Misérables Clinten Pearce
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Claire Piquemal - Les Misérables Claire Piquemal
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Aaron Sillis - Les Misérables Aaron Sillis
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers
Ian Waller - Les Misérables Ian Waller
as Ensemble Wedding Dancers


Writing Victor Hugo Novel
Writing William Nicholson Screenplay
Production Tim Bevan Producer
Production Eric Fellner Producer
Production Cameron Mackintosh Producer
Sound Claude-Michel Schönberg Original Music Composer
Production Nina Gold Casting
Directing Tom Hooper Director
Art Eve Stewart Production Design
Camera Danny Cohen Director of Photography
Costume & Make-Up Paco Delgado Costume Design
Art Gary Jopling Art Direction
Art Hannah Moseley Art Direction
Art Anna Lynch-Robinson Set Decoration
Art Joel Belsham Sculptor
Art Julia Castle Art Department Coordinator
Art Annika Hellgren Sculptor
Art David Herbert Sculptor
Art Peter Hooper Greensman
Art Jody King Sculptor
Art Jonathan Moore Sculptor
Sound Dominic Gibbs Sound Effects Editor
Sound Alistair Hawkins Sound Effects Editor
Sound Nigel Stone Sound Effects Editor
Sound Lee Walpole Supervising Sound Editor
Sound John Warhurst Supervising Sound Editor
Sound Sue Harding Foley
Sound Jason Swanscott Foley
Sound John Simpson Foley
Visual Effects Richard Bain Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Sara Bennett Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Carl Grinter Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Louise Hussey Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Johnny Lockwood Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Sean Mathiesen Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Nathan McGuinness Visual Effects Supervisor
Costume & Make-Up Marco Scotti Costume Supervisor
Sound James Bellamy Music Editor
Sound Robert Houston Music Editor
Crew Dean Moran Transportation Coordinator
Directing Paula Casarin Script Supervisor
Crew Liam Steel Choreographer
Sound Mark Paterson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Art Grant Armstrong Supervising Art Director
Writing Claude-Michel Schönberg Musical
Writing Alain Boublil Musical
Costume & Make-Up Lisa Westcott Makeup Designer
Production Debra Hayward Producer
Costume & Make-Up Julie Dartnell Hairstylist
Sound Andy Nelson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Sound Simon Hayes Production Sound Mixer
Sound Robert Edwards ADR Mixer
Editing Melanie Oliver Editor
Editing Chris Dickens Editor
Production Michele Tandy Finance