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The Story of The Rape Squad! They all had one thing in common. They had been violated in the same savage way... Now They're Out to Get Even!

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Act of Vengeance (1974)


A group of women who have all been attacked by the same hockey mask wearing rapist, get no help from the police. So they ban together to form a vigilante group called "The Rape Squad", and set about going after the local scum.

Director: Bob Kelljan


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Act of Vengeance Review

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

Samuell United States

I dont get tired of watching this movie.

Lawrence02 Australia

Great movie to watch, thanks :)

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Jo Ann Harris - Act of Vengeance Jo Ann Harris
as Linda
Peter Brown - Act of Vengeance Peter Brown
as Jack
Jennifer Lee Pryor - Act of Vengeance Jennifer Lee Pryor
as Nancy
Lisa Moore - Act of Vengeance Lisa Moore
as Karen
Connie Strickland - Act of Vengeance Connie Strickland
as Teresa
Patricia Estrin - Act of Vengeance Patricia Estrin
as Angie
Lada Edmund Jr. - Act of Vengeance Lada Edmund Jr.
as Tiny
Tony Young - Act of Vengeance Tony Young
as Bud
Steve Kanaly - Act of Vengeance Steve Kanaly
as Tom
Ross Elliott - Act of Vengeance Ross Elliott
as Sergeant Long
John Pickard - Act of Vengeance John Pickard
as Dr. Schetman
Ninette Bravo - Act of Vengeance Ninette Bravo
as Joyce
Stanley Adams - Act of Vengeance Stanley Adams
as Bernie / Foul Mouth
Joan McCall - Act of Vengeance Joan McCall
as Gloria
Anneka Di Lorenzo - Act of Vengeance Anneka Di Lorenzo
as Chris
Cheryl Waters - Act of Vengeance Cheryl Waters
as Tamara


Directing Bob Kelljan Director
Writing David Kidd Writer
Writing H.R. Christian Writer
Production Buzz Feitshans Producer
Sound Bill Marx Music
Crew Brick Marquard Cinematography
Editing Carl Kress Editor