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The last seven days of Stefano Cucchi

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On My Skin (2018)


The incredible true story behind the most controversial Italian court cases in recent years. Stefano Cucchi was arrested for a minor crime and mysteriously found dead during his detention. In one week's time, a family is changed forever.

Director: Alessio Cremonini
Writers: Alessio Cremonini, Lisa Nur Sultan.


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On My Skin Review

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

Alice United States

Amazing movie, I was very entertained. tanks.

Anthony United States

This movie is very good indeed, is the best movie I guess !!

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Alessandro Borghi - On My Skin Alessandro Borghi
as Stefano Cucchi
Max Tortora - On My Skin Max Tortora
as Giovanni Cucchi
Milvia Marigliano - On My Skin Milvia Marigliano
as Rita Calore
Jasmine Trinca - On My Skin Jasmine Trinca
as Ilaria Cucchi
Elisa Casavecchia - On My Skin Elisa Casavecchia
as Giulia
Aurora Casavecchia - On My Skin Aurora Casavecchia
as Giulia
Mauro Conte - On My Skin Mauro Conte
as Carabiniere Arresto #1
Walter Nestola - On My Skin Walter Nestola
as Carabiniere Arresto #2
Davide Petrucci - On My Skin Davide Petrucci
as Carabiniere Arresto #3
Paolo D Bovani - On My Skin Paolo D Bovani
as Carabiniere Arresto #4
Andrea Ottavi - On My Skin Andrea Ottavi
as Carabiniere Arresto #5
Tiziano Floreani - On My Skin Tiziano Floreani
as Luca
Andrea Lattanzi - On My Skin Andrea Lattanzi
as Emanuele
Orlando Cinque - On My Skin Orlando Cinque
as Maresciallo - Stazione Carabinieri Appia
Piergiorgio Savarese - On My Skin Piergiorgio Savarese
as Maresciallo Giovane - Stazione Carabinieri Appia
Roberto Galano - On My Skin Roberto Galano
as Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Appia
Ignazio De Ruvo - On My Skin Ignazio De Ruvo
as Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Appia
Stefano Miglio - On My Skin Stefano Miglio
as Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza
Massimiliano Frateschi - On My Skin Massimiliano Frateschi
as Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza
Maris Leonetti - On My Skin Maris Leonetti
as Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza
Antonio Gargiulo - On My Skin Antonio Gargiulo
as Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza
Alessio De Persio - On My Skin Alessio De Persio
as Infermiere Ambulanza - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza
Roberta Sferzi - On My Skin Roberta Sferzi
as Giudice - Tribunale
Gaetano Aronica - On My Skin Gaetano Aronica
as P.M. - Tribunale
Marco Giuliani - On My Skin Marco Giuliani
as Avvocato Cucchi - Tribunale
Aleksandros Memetaj - On My Skin Aleksandros Memetaj
as Detenuto - Tribunale
Daniele Blando - On My Skin Daniele Blando
as Agente - Tribunale
Davide Paciolla - On My Skin Davide Paciolla
as Agente - Tribunale
Maurizio Pepe - On My Skin Maurizio Pepe
as Ispettore Penitenziaria - Tribunale
Marco Belocchi - On My Skin Marco Belocchi
as Medico Tribunale - Tribunale
Federico Tocci - On My Skin Federico Tocci
as Assistente Capo - Regina Coeli
Vincenzo Tanassi - On My Skin Vincenzo Tanassi
as Agente - Regina Coeli
Pietro Faiella - On My Skin Pietro Faiella
as Medico - Regina Coeli
Alessandro Forcinelli - On My Skin Alessandro Forcinelli
as Detenuto - Regina Coeli
Tiziano Scrocca - On My Skin Tiziano Scrocca
as Agente Scorta - Regina Coeli
Michele Di Siena - On My Skin Michele Di Siena
as Agente - Fatebenefratelli
Rodolfo Bigotti - On My Skin Rodolfo Bigotti
as Agente - Fatebenefratelli
Daniele Amendola - On My Skin Daniele Amendola
as Infermiere - Fatebenefratelli
Dora Romano - On My Skin Dora Romano
as Dottoressa - Medicina Protetta
Elodie Treccani - On My Skin Elodie Treccani
as Dottoressa - Medicina Protetta
Francesca Tomassoni - On My Skin Francesca Tomassoni
as Infermiera - Medicina Protetta
Emanuela Di Salvia - On My Skin Emanuela Di Salvia
as Infermiera - Medicina Protetta
Bernardo Casertano - On My Skin Bernardo Casertano
as Infermiere - Medicina Protetta
Rita Montes - On My Skin Rita Montes
as Volontaria - Medicina Protetta
Mauro Mandolini - On My Skin Mauro Mandolini
as Agente - Medicina Protetta
Emanuele Cerman - On My Skin Emanuele Cerman
as Agente - Medicina Protetta
Michele Botrugno - On My Skin Michele Botrugno
as Agente - Medicina Protetta
Daniela Amato - On My Skin Daniela Amato
as Agente Donna - Medicina Protetta
Giuseppe Ragone - On My Skin Giuseppe Ragone
as Assistente Capo - Medicina Protetta
Emiliano Capogna - On My Skin Emiliano Capogna
as Detenuto - Medicina Protetta
Andrea Mautone - On My Skin Andrea Mautone
as Carabiniere Notifica Decesso
Fulvio Sacco - On My Skin Fulvio Sacco
as Carabiniere Notifica Decesso
Italo Amerighi - On My Skin Italo Amerighi
as Medico Obitorio


Directing Alessio Cremonini Director
Writing Alessio Cremonini Screenplay
Writing Lisa Nur Sultan Screenplay
Production Olivia Musini Producer
Production Luigi Musini Producer
Production Stefano Massenzi Producer