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There is a reason for every living creature ...with one exception.

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Almost Human (1974)


A psychotic small-time criminal realizes that the everyday robberies, rapes and murders he commits aren't profitable enough, so he figures to hit the big time by kidnapping the daughter of a rich man.

Director: Umberto Lenzi
Writer: Ernesto Gastaldi


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Almost Human Review

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

Adam France

Histoire intéressante, le meilleur Film ..

Alice United States

Amazing movie, I was very entertained. tanks.

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Tomás Milián - Almost Human Tomás Milián
as Giulio Sacchi
Henry Silva - Almost Human Henry Silva
as Commissario Walter Grandi
Laura Belli - Almost Human Laura Belli
as Marilù Porrino
Gino Santercole - Almost Human Gino Santercole
as Vittorio
Mario Piave - Almost Human Mario Piave
as Grandi's Assistant
Luciano Catenacci - Almost Human Luciano Catenacci
as Ugo Majone
Pippo Starnazza - Almost Human Pippo Starnazza
as Papà
Lorenzo Piani - Almost Human Lorenzo Piani
as Gianni - Marilù's Boyfriend
Joris Muzio - Almost Human Joris Muzio
as Giulio's Lawyer
Rosita Torosh - Almost Human Rosita Torosh
as Marta
Franco Ferrari - Almost Human Franco Ferrari
as Brambilla
Francesco D'Adda - Almost Human Francesco D'Adda
as Romano
Annie Carol Edel - Almost Human Annie Carol Edel
as Marta's friend
Giuseppe Castellano - Almost Human Giuseppe Castellano
as Police Inspector with glasses
Tom Felleghy - Almost Human Tom Felleghy
as Judge Rossi
Anita Strindberg - Almost Human Anita Strindberg
as Iona Tucci
Ray Lovelock - Almost Human Ray Lovelock
as Carmine
Elsa Boni - Almost Human Elsa Boni
as Victim's Mother
Vittorio Pinelli - Almost Human Vittorio Pinelli
as Maione Thug
Tony Raccosta - Almost Human Tony Raccosta
as Maione Thug
Vittorio Sancisi - Almost Human Vittorio Sancisi
as Maione Thug
Guido Alberti - Almost Human Guido Alberti
as Mr. Porrino
Giancarlo Busi - Almost Human Giancarlo Busi
as Cop killed by Sacchi (uncredited)
Nestore Cavaricci - Almost Human Nestore Cavaricci
as Police Agent (uncredited)
Alfonso Giganti - Almost Human Alfonso Giganti
as Policeman (uncredited)
Mariano Laurenti - Almost Human Mariano Laurenti
as Sacchi's Advocate (uncredited)
Nello Pazzafini - Almost Human Nello Pazzafini
as Maione Thug (uncredited)
Claudio Sforzini - Almost Human Claudio Sforzini
as Friend of Giulio in Bar (uncredited)
Maurizio Streccioni - Almost Human Maurizio Streccioni
as Police Photographer (uncredited)
Gianni Bortolotti - Almost Human Gianni Bortolotti
as Police Inspector (uncredited)
Giuseppe Marrocco - Almost Human Giuseppe Marrocco
as Police Inspector at Villa (uncredited)
Alfonso Giganti - Almost Human Alfonso Giganti
as Police Officer (uncredited)


Directing Umberto Lenzi Director
Writing Ernesto Gastaldi Screenplay
Sound Ennio Morricone Original Music Composer
Sound Bruno Nicolai Music Director
Writing Ernesto Gastaldi Story
Production Luciano Martino Producer
Camera Federico Zanni Director of Photography
Editing Eugenio Alabiso Editor
Costume & Make-Up Luciano Sagoni Costume Design
Costume & Make-Up Fausto De Lisio Hairstylist
Costume & Make-Up Franco Di Girolamo Makeup Artist
Production Biagio Angelini Production Supervisor
Production Gianfranco Couyoumdjian Production Manager
Production Elio Di Pietro Production Manager