Watch Smallfoot

Watch Smallfoot

Smallfoot (2018)


A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as "humans" really do exist.

Directors: Karey Kirkpatrick, Jason Reisig.
Writers: John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, Karey Kirkpatrick, Clare Sera.


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Smallfoot Review

Alice United States

Amazing movie, I was very entertained. tanks.

Sem Netherlands

Goede film, zal ik weer kijken ..

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

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Channing Tatum - Smallfoot Channing Tatum
as Migo (voice)
James Corden - Smallfoot James Corden
as Percy (voice)
Zendaya - Smallfoot Zendaya
as Meechee (voice)
Common - Smallfoot Common
LeBron James - Smallfoot LeBron James
as Gwangi (voice)
Gina Rodriguez - Smallfoot Gina Rodriguez
as Kolka (voice)
Danny DeVito - Smallfoot Danny DeVito
Yara Shahidi - Smallfoot Yara Shahidi
as Brenda (voice)
Ely Henry - Smallfoot Ely Henry
as Fleem (voice)
Jimmy Tatro - Smallfoot Jimmy Tatro
as Thorp (voice)


Writing John Requa Screenplay
Writing Glenn Ficarra Screenplay
Writing Sergio Pablos Story
Directing Karey Kirkpatrick Director
Directing Jason Reisig Director
Writing Karey Kirkpatrick Screenplay
Writing Clare Sera Screenplay