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Master of the Universe (2013)


He was one of Germany's leading investment experts with an income of several million Euros per day. Now, he sits on one of the upper floors of an empty bank building in the middle of Frankfurt, overlooking a skyline of glass and steel. And talks. In an extended mix of a monologue and an in-depth interview, which is as frightening as it is fascinating, he shares his inside knowledge from a megalomaniac parallel world where illusions are the market's hardest currency. Marc Bauder's 'Master of the Universe' is based on meticulous research and provides us with geniune insight into the notoriously secretive and self-protective 'universe' of which our nameless protagonist experiences himself a master. Where other films on the financial meltdown have focused on the epic nature of larger-than-life business, Bauder probes the mentality that made it possible in the first place. A tense drama where psychology meets finance - two things that are more closely linked than you would like to believe.

Director: Marc Bauder


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Master of the Universe Review

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

Alice United States

Amazing movie, I was very entertained. tanks.

Pierre France

Nice movies, tanks

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Rainer Voss - Master of the Universe Rainer Voss
as Rainer Voss
Angela Merkel - Master of the Universe Angela Merkel
as Angela Merkel


Directing Marc Bauder Director
Writing Marc Bauder Writer