Watch Oceans of Fire

Watch Oceans of Fire

Oceans of Fire (1986)


Ben, a former Navy officer now works on a rig as the guy in charge, but since a lot of crew keeps dying whilst diving and planting the rig in the sea he needs men who are willing to take the risk. He gets in touch with an old friend from the Navy who works in a prison as sort of an diving training base and there Ben selects out the best to complete the task, but with superiors breathing down his neck, a camera crew now jumping on board and a deadline to meet he wants to finish the job and make sure the men stay alive, but not all things work out as he plans.

Director: Steve Carver


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Oceans of Fire Review

Lucas Netherlands

This is the best movie I've ever seen ..

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

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Gregory Harrison - Oceans of Fire Gregory Harrison
as Ben Laforche
Billy Dee Williams - Oceans of Fire Billy Dee Williams
as Jim McKinley
David Carradine - Oceans of Fire David Carradine
as J.C. Busch
Lyle Alzado - Oceans of Fire Lyle Alzado
as Witkowski
Tony Burton - Oceans of Fire Tony Burton
as Clay
Ray Mancini - Oceans of Fire Ray Mancini
as Romano
Ken Norton - Oceans of Fire Ken Norton
as Chief
Lee Ving - Oceans of Fire Lee Ving
as Pembroke
Cynthia Sikes - Oceans of Fire Cynthia Sikes
as Helen Kyger
Ramon Bieri - Oceans of Fire Ramon Bieri
as Chuck Horn
Alan Fudge - Oceans of Fire Alan Fudge
as Bartlett
David Wohl - Oceans of Fire David Wohl
as Ira Handel
Jorge Russek - Oceans of Fire Jorge Russek
as Cox
Roger Cudney - Oceans of Fire Roger Cudney
as Tool Pusher
Miguel Ángel Fuentes - Oceans of Fire Miguel Ángel Fuentes
as Roughneck
Sergio Calderón - Oceans of Fire Sergio Calderón
as Oil Worker
Bill Hutton - Oceans of Fire Bill Hutton
as Cabin Boy
Ramiro Jaloma - Oceans of Fire Ramiro Jaloma
as Head Diver
Tony Lucas - Oceans of Fire Tony Lucas
as 3rd Diver
William McKee - Oceans of Fire William McKee
as Cameraman
Antonio Zazueta - Oceans of Fire Antonio Zazueta
as Boy on Cliff
Jeff Cooper - Oceans of Fire Jeff Cooper
as Handsome
R.G. Armstrong - Oceans of Fire R.G. Armstrong
as Rusty West


Writing Walter Halsey Davis Writer
Directing Steve Carver Director
Crew Tony Imi Cinematography
Editing Anthony Redman Editor
Art Gene Rudolf Production Design
Production Issy Shabtay Production Manager
Sound Patrick Williams Music