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Apocalypto (2006)


Set in the Mayan civilization, when a man's idyllic presence is brutally disrupted by a violent invading force, he is taken on a perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression where a harrowing end awaits him. Through a twist of fate and spurred by the power of his love for his woman and his family he will make a desperate break to return home and to ultimately save his way of life.

Director: Mel Gibson


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Apocalypto Review

Abie France

L'histoire du film est très bon, je ne me lasse pas de regarder ce film.

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

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Rudy Youngblood - Apocalypto Rudy Youngblood
as Jaguar Paw
Raoul Max Trujillo - Apocalypto Raoul Max Trujillo
as Zero Wolf
Gerardo Taracena - Apocalypto Gerardo Taracena
as Middle Eye
Iazua Larios - Apocalypto Iazua Larios
as Sky Flower
Antonio Monroy - Apocalypto Antonio Monroy
as Chilam
María Isabel Díaz - Apocalypto María Isabel Díaz
as Mother in Law
Dalia Hernández - Apocalypto Dalia Hernández
as Seven
Jonathan Brewer - Apocalypto Jonathan Brewer
as Blunted
Morris Birdyellowhead - Apocalypto Morris Birdyellowhead
as Flint Sky
Carlos Emilio Báez - Apocalypto Carlos Emilio Báez
as Turtles Run
Amilcar Ramírez - Apocalypto Amilcar Ramírez
as Curl Nose
Israel Contreras - Apocalypto Israel Contreras
as Smoke Frog
Israel Ríos - Apocalypto Israel Ríos
as Cocoa Leaf
Espiridion Acosta Cache - Apocalypto Espiridion Acosta Cache
as Old Story Teller
Mayra Serbulo - Apocalypto Mayra Serbulo
as Young Woman
Rodolfo Palacios - Apocalypto Rodolfo Palacios
as Snake Ink
Lorena Heranandez - Apocalypto Lorena Heranandez
as Village Girl
Itandehui Gutierrez - Apocalypto Itandehui Gutierrez
as Wife
Sayuri Gutierrez - Apocalypto Sayuri Gutierrez
as Eldest Daughter
Hiram Soto - Apocalypto Hiram Soto
as Fish Hunter
José Suárez - Apocalypto José Suárez
as First Temple Sacrifice
Ariel Galvan - Apocalypto Ariel Galvan
as Hanging Moss
Bernardo Ruiz - Apocalypto Bernardo Ruiz
as Drunkards Four
Ricardo Diaz Mendoza - Apocalypto Ricardo Diaz Mendoza
as Cut Rock
Richard Can - Apocalypto Richard Can
as Ten Peccary
Carlos Ramos - Apocalypto Carlos Ramos
as Monkey Jaw
Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza - Apocalypto Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza
as Buzzard Hook
Marco Antonio Argueta - Apocalypto Marco Antonio Argueta
as Speaking Wind
Javier Escobar - Apocalypto Javier Escobar
as Vicious Holcane
Fernando Hernandez - Apocalypto Fernando Hernandez
as High Priest
Maria Isidra Hoil - Apocalypto Maria Isidra Hoil
as Oracle Girl
Aquetzali García - Apocalypto Aquetzali García
as Oracle Girl
Abel Woolrich - Apocalypto Abel Woolrich
as Laughing Man
Nicolás Jasso - Apocalypto Nicolás Jasso
as Man on Temple Top
Ronaldo Eknal - Apocalypto Ronaldo Eknal
as Slave Auctioneer
Miriam Tun - Apocalypto Miriam Tun
as Woman Auctioneer
Rafael Velez - Apocalypto Rafael Velez
as King
Diana Botello - Apocalypto Diana Botello
as Queen
Joaquin Rendon - Apocalypto Joaquin Rendon
as Head Chac


Directing Mel Gibson Director
Production Mel Gibson Producer
Production Bruce Davey Producer
Sound James Horner Original Music Composer
Camera Dean Semler Director of Photography
Editing John Wright Editor
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Crew Keith VanderLaan Animatronic and Prosthetic Effects
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Camera Ian Fox Camera Operator
Production Ned Dowd Unit Production Manager
Costume & Make-Up Ismael Jardon Costume Supervisor
Art Carlos Benassini Set Designer
Art Erick Monroy Set Designer
Art Antonio Gómez Capetillo Sculptor
Art Antonio Gómez Sculptor
Art Juan José Martínez Sculptor
Art Jose Luis Mendez Ramirez Construction Coordinator
Sound Benjamin L. Cook Supervising Sound Effects Editor
Sound Benjamin L. Cook Sound Designer
Crew Martin Schloemer Sound Recordist
Sound James Wright Dolby Consultant
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Sound Dawn Lunsford Foley
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Sound Sean McCormack Supervising Sound Editor
Sound Kami Asgar Supervising Sound Editor
Visual Effects Kimberly Adams Visual Effects Producer
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Visual Effects Ian Noe Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Eric W. Shamlin Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Jamie Venable Visual Effects Producer
Camera Mark O'Kane Additional Camera
Camera Guillermo Rosas Camera Operator
Camera Eduardo Flores Torres Camera Operator
Camera Maryan Zurek Underwater Camera
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Camera Chad Rivetti Steadicam Operator
Camera Alan Kelvin Contreras Steadicam Operator
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Lighting James J. Gilson Gaffer
Lighting Joseph Martens Best Boy Electric
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Production Horacio Rodríguez Location Manager
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Art Jay Aroesty Set Decoration
Sound Paul Ordonez Sound Recordist
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Crew Robert Hatfield Projection
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Crew Art Pimentel Makeup Effects
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Costume & Make-Up Giulio Pezza Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Jana Carboni Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Jerzain Ortega Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Jonay Bacallado Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Jorge Palavicini Prado Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Laura Bonilla Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Melanie Young Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Roberto Rodriquez Ojeda Makeup Artist
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Costume & Make-Up Daniel Parker Makeup Supervisor
Costume & Make-Up Lorella De Rossi Makeup Supervisor
Visual Effects Diego Demian Decont Modeling
Visual Effects Jimmy Mendoza Modeling
Visual Effects Jorge Fuentes Ronquillo Modeling
Visual Effects Juan Manuel Chaparro Modeling
Visual Effects Pablo Facundo Angeles Modeling
Visual Effects Shady Blackwold Modeling
Sound Aaron Martin Musician
Sound Gary Kettel Musician
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Art Daniel Salgado Painter
Art Edouard Pallardy Painter
Production Armando Amador Production Accountant
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Costume & Make-Up Hannah Eccleston Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Juan Francisco Mendez Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Lynn Johnson Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Marinela Spasenovic Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Matteo Silvi Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Nury Alamo Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Rebekah Sanders Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Sharon Doyle Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Crew Jhane Myers Public Relations
Lighting John Martens Rigging Gaffer
Lighting Alfredo Audel Rigging Grip
Lighting Jason Winger Rigging Grip
Lighting Jeff Brinker Rigging Grip
Sound Simon Rhodes Scoring Mixer
Directing Andrea Alvarez Script Supervisor
Directing Israel Pasco Script Supervisor
Directing Sylvie Chesneau Script Supervisor
Art Luis Enrique Torres A. Sculptor
Directing Bernardo Jasso Second Assistant Director
Directing Stacy Perskie Second Assistant Director
Art Julieta Álvarez Set Dresser
Art Luisa Guala Set Dresser
Crew Ernesto Trejo Set Medic
Crew Aarón I. Campos Set Production Assistant
Sound Chuck Michael Sound Effects Editor
Sound Herwig Maurer Sound Effects Editor
Sound Jonathan Golodner Sound Effects Editor
Sound Scott A. Jennings Sound Effects Editor
Sound Suhail Kafity Sound Effects Editor
Sound Fernando Cámara Sound Mixer
Crew Liah Saldaña Special Effects Coordinator
Visual Effects Chris Hampton Special Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Jeff Colbert Special Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Jesus G. Duran Special Effects Supervisor
Crew Arturo Marroquin Stunts
Crew Christopher J. Tuck Stunts
Crew Danny Wynands Stunts
Crew Erick Contreras Stunts
Crew Ezequiel Virgen Stunts
Crew Freddie Hice Stunts
Crew Gabriela Moreno Stunts
Crew Gerardo Soublette Stunts
Crew Gustavo Mejia Stunts
Crew Ignacio Arteaga Stunts
Crew Isidro Mora Stunts
Crew Jamie Ortiz Stunts
Crew Javier Lambert Stunts
Crew Joan Manuel Absalon Stunts
Crew John Meier Stunts
Crew Matt McColm Stunts
Crew Mauricio Martínez Stunts
Crew Michael Weis Stunts
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Crew Artin Matousian Systems Administrators & Support
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Directing Lucy Thomas Third Assistant Director
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Production Adrian Devane Unit Manager
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Visual Effects Ben Dishart VFX Artist
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