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The color of illusion is Perfect Blue.

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Perfect Blue (1997)


Mima Kirigoe is a singer who leaves her trio to become an actress, a career move that angers her fans, who prefer to see her as the pop idol. Plagued by self-doubt and tormented by humiliating compromises, she begins to be stalked, in her waking and sleeping moments, by an alter ego who claims to be "the real Mima", until she collapses into madness as her coworkers are brutally slain around her.

Director: Satoshi Kon
Writer: Sadayuki Murai


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Perfect Blue Review

Anthony United States

This movie is very good indeed, is the best movie I guess !!

Adam France

Histoire intéressante, le meilleur Film ..

Samuell United States

I dont get tired of watching this movie.

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Junko Iwao - Perfect Blue Junko Iwao
as Mima Kirigoe
Rica Matsumoto - Perfect Blue Rica Matsumoto
as Rumi
Shinpachi Tsuji - Perfect Blue Shinpachi Tsuji
as Tadokoro
Masaaki Ōkura - Perfect Blue Masaaki Ōkura
as Uchida the fan
Yōsuke Akimoto - Perfect Blue Yōsuke Akimoto
as Tejima
Yoku Shioya - Perfect Blue Yoku Shioya
as Shibuya
Hideyuki Hori - Perfect Blue Hideyuki Hori
as Sakuragi
Emi Shinohara - Perfect Blue Emi Shinohara
as Eri
Kiyoyuki Yanada - Perfect Blue Kiyoyuki Yanada
as Kantoku
Tōru Furusawa - Perfect Blue Tōru Furusawa
as Yada
Shiho Niiyama - Perfect Blue Shiho Niiyama
as Rei
Emiko Furukawa - Perfect Blue Emiko Furukawa
as Yukiko
Aya Hara - Perfect Blue Aya Hara
as Mima's Mother
Shin'ichirou Miki - Perfect Blue Shin'ichirou Miki
as Taku
Megumi Tano - Perfect Blue Megumi Tano
as Child
Akio Suyama - Perfect Blue Akio Suyama
as Reader
Osamu Hosoi - Perfect Blue Osamu Hosoi
as Company Employee
Kôichi Tôchika - Perfect Blue Kôichi Tôchika
as Red
Emi Motoi - Perfect Blue Emi Motoi
as Child
Kishou Taniyama - Perfect Blue Kishou Taniyama
as Blue
Shokkâ Ôno - Perfect Blue Shokkâ Ôno
as Shikaisha / Kankyaku-tachi
Rofuto Purasu Wan Burazâzu - Perfect Blue Rofuto Purasu Wan Burazâzu
as Kankyaku-tachi
Makoto Kitano - Perfect Blue Makoto Kitano
as Reporter
Soichiro Hoshi - Perfect Blue Soichiro Hoshi
as Green
Masashi Ebara - Perfect Blue Masashi Ebara
as Murano (voice)


Directing Satoshi Kon Director
Production Hiroaki Inoue Producer
Writing Yoshikazu Takeuchi Novel
Writing Sadayuki Murai Screenplay
Sound Masahiro Ikumi Music
Camera Hisao Shirai Director of Photography
Editing Harutoshi Ogata Editor