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Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)


The Fantastic Mr. Fox bored with his current life, plans a heist against the three local farmers. The farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with the sly fox, seek revenge against him and his family.

Director: Wes Anderson
Writer: Noah Baumbach


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Fantastic Mr. Fox Review

Alice United States

Amazing movie, I was very entertained. tanks.

Anthony United States

This movie is very good indeed, is the best movie I guess !!

Abie France

L'histoire du film est très bon, je ne me lasse pas de regarder ce film.

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George Clooney - Fantastic Mr. Fox George Clooney
as Mr. Fox (voice)
Meryl Streep - Fantastic Mr. Fox Meryl Streep
as Mrs. Fox (voice)
Jason Schwartzman - Fantastic Mr. Fox Jason Schwartzman
as Ash (voice)
Bill Murray - Fantastic Mr. Fox Bill Murray
as Badger (voice)
Wallace Wolodarsky - Fantastic Mr. Fox Wallace Wolodarsky
as Kylie (voice)
Eric Chase Anderson - Fantastic Mr. Fox Eric Chase Anderson
as Kristofferson (voice)
Michael Gambon - Fantastic Mr. Fox Michael Gambon
as Franklin Bean (voice)
Willem Dafoe - Fantastic Mr. Fox Willem Dafoe
as Rat (voice)
Owen Wilson - Fantastic Mr. Fox Owen Wilson
as Coach Skip (voice)
Jarvis Cocker - Fantastic Mr. Fox Jarvis Cocker
as Petey (voice)
Wes Anderson - Fantastic Mr. Fox Wes Anderson
as Weasel (voice)
Karen Duffy - Fantastic Mr. Fox Karen Duffy
as Linda Otter (voice)
Robin Hurlstone - Fantastic Mr. Fox Robin Hurlstone
as Walter Boggis (voice)
Hugo Guinness - Fantastic Mr. Fox Hugo Guinness
as Nathan Bunce (voice)
Helen McCrory - Fantastic Mr. Fox Helen McCrory
as Mrs. Bean (voice)
Roman Coppola - Fantastic Mr. Fox Roman Coppola
as Squirrel Contractor (voice)
Juman Malouf - Fantastic Mr. Fox Juman Malouf
as Agnes (voice)
Jeremy Dawson - Fantastic Mr. Fox Jeremy Dawson
as Beaver's Son (voice)
Garth Jennings - Fantastic Mr. Fox Garth Jennings
as Bean's Son (voice)
Brian Cox - Fantastic Mr. Fox Brian Cox
as Action 12 Reporter (voice)
Tristan Oliver - Fantastic Mr. Fox Tristan Oliver
as Explosives Man (voice)
James Hamilton - Fantastic Mr. Fox James Hamilton
as Mole (voice)
Steven M. Rales - Fantastic Mr. Fox Steven M. Rales
as Beaver (voice)
Rob Hersov - Fantastic Mr. Fox Rob Hersov
as Pilot (voice)
Jennifer Furches - Fantastic Mr. Fox Jennifer Furches
as Dr. Badger (voice)
Allison Abbate - Fantastic Mr. Fox Allison Abbate
as Rabbit's Ex-Girlfriend (voice)
Molly Cooper - Fantastic Mr. Fox Molly Cooper
as Rabbit Girl (voice)
Adrien Brody - Fantastic Mr. Fox Adrien Brody
as Field Mouse (voice)
Mario Batali - Fantastic Mr. Fox Mario Batali
as Rabbit (voice)
Martin Ballard - Fantastic Mr. Fox Martin Ballard
as Fire Chief (voice)


Directing Wes Anderson Director
Writing Noah Baumbach Screenplay
Writing Roald Dahl Novel
Crew Michael Chabon Thanks
Visual Effects Tim Allen Animation
Visual Effects Daniel Alderson Animation
Visual Effects Andy Biddle Animation
Visual Effects Elie Chapuis Animation
Visual Effects Payton Curtis Animation
Visual Effects Peter Dodd Animation
Visual Effects Timon Dowdeswell Animation
Visual Effects Chuck Duke Animation
Visual Effects Anthony Farquhar-Smith Animation
Visual Effects Tobias Fouracre Animation
Visual Effects Daniel Gill Animation
Visual Effects Jens Jonathan Gulliksen Animation
Visual Effects Mark Gustafson Animation Director
Visual Effects Will Hodge Animation
Visual Effects Michael Hughes Animation
Visual Effects Kim Keukeleire Animation
Visual Effects Malcolm Lamont Animation
Visual Effects Ray Lewis Animation
Visual Effects Caroline Maure Animation
Visual Effects Jody Meredith Animation
Visual Effects Leo Nicholson Animation
Visual Effects Jeff Riley Animation
Visual Effects Andrew Salter Animation
Visual Effects Brad Schiff Animation
Visual Effects Patricia Sourdes Animation
Visual Effects Andy Spilsted Animation
Visual Effects Jason Stalman Animation
Visual Effects Trey Thomas Animation
Visual Effects Chris Tichborne Animation
Visual Effects Kevin Walton Animation
Visual Effects Mark Waring Animation Supervisor
Crew Jeannine Berger Post Production Supervisor
Art Chris Appelhans Art Department Manager
Writing Wes Anderson Writer
Editing Claire Dodgson Editor
Sound Alexandre Desplat Music